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Find the Best Properties in Neharpar Faridabad

Posted by dhadmin on December 19, 2022

When planning to purchase Residential property, you must choose between purchasing a finished apartment or house or a plot of land. Buying a plot is recommended if you want to invest, or if you have a specific architectural style in mind. Fortunately, there are numerous of these plots available in Neharpar Faridabad. Sectors 81, 82, and 84 in Faridabad are emerging as important hubs for residential property investment. With the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, this area is set to boom.

8 Reasons why should you buy properties in Neharpar Faridabad

Here are 9 reasons why you should buy properties here. Discovery Homes is the best Real-Estate company in Faridabad who gives you best Residential Plots in Faridabad. Our some famous projects are Eden Estate, Godrej Retreat, BPTP plots and BPTP Parkland and many other famous projects.

1. Strategic Location of Best Properties in Neharpar Faridabad
Discovery Homes have many projects. 81, 82, 84, 91 fall in the Greater Faridabad region. They are close to Azad Hind Marg and the Faridabad Bypass Road. The proximity to Faridabad as well as Delhi, Greater Noida and Gurugram makes them an attractive prospect. Many people working in South Delhi but not wanting to live there are keeping an eye on Faridabad Neharpar property news. In these sectors, plots are available within gated communities too.

2. Availability of Freehold Plot
Freehold land refers to land that can be purchased outright and owned endlessly. The majority of the plots in the Neharpar neighbourhood of Faridabad come into this category and have received official approval from the government. There are other plots that have been granted by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA).

3. Easy Financing Available
Not everyone has ready access to funds to buy a plot. Most people need a loan. Since the plots are pre-approved by government authorities, getting bank financing is much easier. Like the property rates, loan rates are affordable too and there are plenty of service providers to choose from. It is always advisable to take a loan only from registered banks though. 

4. Affordable Rates
One of the main factors to take into account when purchasing real estate is land pricing. Today, most individuals cannot afford to live in Delhi, Noida, or Gurugram. Plots in the Faridabad and Neharpar sectors, however, are still reasonably priced. Prices per square foot range between Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6000. Within Rs 1 crore, you ought to be able to easily find a 1200–1300 square foot land.

5. Good Connectivity from Neharpar Faridabad
The region’s connection is one of the primary factors contributing to the promising future of Faridabad Neharpar real estate. Through these areas, the Delhi Metro’s Violet Line connects them to Kashmere Gate. The Railway station is within 20 minutes drive and Indira Gandhi International Airport is approximately 1 hour. Of course, once the new airport in Greater Noida comes up, air connectivity will improve even further. A 6-lane Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) Expressway is also under construction.

6. Robust Physical and Social Infrastructure
You may notice that the sectors are well-developed and have all the necessary social and physical infrastructure when you read the Faridabad Neharpar property news. Within a 5 mile radius, there are various Hospitals, Commercial Centres and Schools. These include the Park Hospital, Sarvodaya Hospital, Parsvnath City Mall, Emerald Convent School and Delhi Public School.

7. Well-Sized Plots Available
The plots that are available are not only fairly priced but also the perfect size. Typically, plot sizes range from 100 to 275 square yards. On these plots, you can construct a home with up to three or four levels. So more than enough for a family to live comfortably. Of course, you should pay attention to the orientation of the plot and where the house will stand on it.

8. Growth Potential
The Neharpar, Faridabad region is only just getting its momentum. As connectivity and infrastructure develop, the Faridabad Neharpar property future will brighten further. The region will soon be well-rounded because there is a solid mixture of residential and business properties available. In other words, investors should anticipate excellent profits. You might find it interesting to note that, despite the pandemic, Faridabad is the only city in the NCR to have had a 7% growth in housing supply.

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